Power Washing

Power Washing Service

All About Home has been a leading name in professional cleaning services for several years, meeting the needs of a varying number of customers throughout South Florida, while using top of the line equipment and highly trained personnel to deliver guaranteed results. As a cleaning company that guarantees excellent customer service, we offer power washing that keeps the exterior of your business or home completely clean.

Great Cleaning Process

Our power washing service removes loose grime, paint, mold, dust, mud and any other thing that you wish to get rid of from your building or grounds. In order to thoroughly clean any outdoor, we employ top of the line equipment to deliver a fully satisfactory job. Whether you want to get your driveway looking brand new again or your courtyard , we have the expertise to power wash cement better than any other company. Our attention to detail is what stands us out of competition, and be rest assured that you will get the same quality service and cleanliness when you do business with us.

High Quality Service on Every Job

As a reputable power washing company, we know the importance of your office appearance to your business. That’s why we go the extra mile to power wash all required surfaces and put them in a much better condition than we met them.

Power washing employs extremely high powered hoses, which, when handled inappropriately, can cause a serious damage. All About Home employees have the right training when it comes to high-powered equipment to successfully carry out our job in safe manner every time. Our experience in this industry speaks volume and can meet every of your needs. So relax, as we put our expertise to work for you.