Post Construction

Post Construction Cleaning Service

Are you in search of a company that can provide a flawless post-construction cleaning service? Then look no further than the experienced team at All About Home. After investing so much money, time and effort into building or remodeling your new homes/offices, we are sure you would want the final presentation to look very clean and pleasing to the eyes and that is where we come in.

Trained Post Construction Crews

With a post construction clean up comes special techniques that ensure dust is far away from your property. We have well trained post construction crews. We take critical care of your property, with the interior and exterior looking clean and smelling fresh, with a sense of pride when you finally occupy your new or remodeled building.

Pos Construction Cleaning at its Best

Our post construction clean up includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Cleaning drawers and cabinets inside and out.
  • Cleaning sinks and countertops, fixtures polished.
  • Cleaning toilets, bathtubs, shower stalls, and shower doors.
  • Cleaning of fireplace complete.
  • Complete cleaning of floor coverings.
  • Mirrors and glass cleaned and polished.
  • Appliances completely wiped.
  • Vacuum cleaning of all carpets.
  • Sweep, scrape and hose off stairs, walks, landings, patios, decks, and garage floors.