About Us

About Us

Bask in a comfortable vibe when you walk into a spotlessly clean environment. What makes homes, offices, workplaces refreshingly different is the level of clean they portray. If your home or workplace interior doesn’t have that gleam, then you could be in big trouble!

It’s time to call All About Home. We are a professional cleaning company serving both residential and commercial property owners in South  Florida, offering them best-in-class cleaning services.

Realizing the plenty of shortcomings in the cleaning business, where some are “here today, gone tomorrow”, we decided to take up the opportunity to offer a consistent service that will gain customers trust and loyalty.

Let Us Take Care Of It

Cleaning your home or business brings a lot of factors into play. Which areas require a thorough cleaning or must be sanitized first? What cleaning method should be employed to maximize a cleaning schedule? How often should deep cleaning come into the picture? With our years of experience in the cleaning business, we are well versed at providing appropriate answers to all of these questions. You can always trust us to get the job done right with our best home cleaning services.

Highly Committed To Our Clients

A clean environment to live or work in is not a small matter. Staying healthy requires a high level of cleanliness, either at home or in the office. There is no gainsaying unkempt environment is oppressive to the human mind and undercut productivity and concentration. Let All About Home take care of your cleaning needs so you can be healthy, happy, and get on with your busy life. Our clients are guaranteed the best service because we are committed to them.

We take pride in the quality of services that we provide, offering our clients peace of mind as we meet every one of their expectations to the highest standards. Over the years, we have built great relationships with our clientele base so you can have full confidence in choosing us. Your satisfaction is guaranteed at every point during and after the job.

Competitive Pricing Model

We really want to earn your trust for a long time and that is why we offer such an amazing pricing model without sacrificing quality. Here at All About Home, we employ a pricing model that fit into our client’s budget; what works for our clients, surely works for us! Our pricing structure is flexible yet competitive. Contact us today for more information.

Flexible Cleaning Frequency

With our office cleaning service, we can serve you based on your choice; weekly, bi-weekly—or even monthly. We can create a custom plan that suits your home or business needs. We are conscious of environmentally-friendly and green energy practices. We share this passion and deliver an eco-friendly cleaning service to a wide range of clients.

We look forward to working with you.